Use of Muscle Building Supplements

Do Both Men and Women Use muscle building supplements ?

The use of muscle building supplements is not limited to men, but more and more women are taking to muscle building supplements nowadays. The women bodybuilders and athletes have become one of the most common users of the performance enhancers. Muscle building supplements are actually one of the most hotly pursued commodities by women today. Most of the women get information on the use of muscle supplements thru internet, net forums, affordable steroid handbooks, and magazine articles.

The heyday of the women extreme muscularity seems to be over. Alot more smaller muscled women bodybuilders coming up in the women bodybuilding competitions. Bigger-body women, who perform superb acts of gymnastics, have replaced the Vicki Gates and Bev Francis physiques. However, the use of various ergogenic aids continues despite the smaller female physiques of today. Women who want to gain competitive edge still resort to the aid of muscle builders.

The women using muscle building supplements should better know that anabolics are more suited for the use of men than their use. Surely, women bodies are too delicate for the use of muscle building supplements. Generally, women, coached on muscle building supplements mostly by their boyfriends. Or other men in the immediate circles of their gyms. The little knowledge the women know on these powerful supplements, often catered by the male steroid users. Depending on their knowledge, women start using muscle building supplements, without any proper consideration and knowledge of differences in their physiology.

Men VS Women-Steroid Use

In comparison to men, women are more stigmatized for the use of muscle building supplements. As far as the abuse of anabolics are concerned, women are more infamous than men. Generally, bodybuilders are the people who use anabolic  supplements more than anybody else. Among the bodybuilders, the number of the women using lean muscle enhancers is definitely larger than the number of men using them.

Although, women who use anabolics  literally open themselves to the greater risks. They certainly do have several benefits of muscle gain and fat loss. The benefits of thermogenic supplements in women include the reduced body fat. While an increase in lean body mass, and increase strength. Women may also experience heightened sexual arousal and self-esteem with the use of some supplements. Many women use these products for their personal satisfaction.