Supplements and Drug Testing



Drug Testing —- Pharma Supplements Legal Supplements.

One of the primary concerns of most users searching for legal steroids  is the possibility of failing  drug testing

We get emails everyday from concerned customers. While wanting to make 100% sure they will not fail their work or military drug test.

We  can confidently assure you with complete certainty. While that the Pharma Supplements™ Brand anabolics will not cause you to fail a drug test. Furthermore, whether it be a blood sample, hair or urine.

All Pharma Supplements™ products CAN BE USED BY MILITARY & LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel.

All Pharma Supplements™ products are completely safe for use in professional and competing sports.

Pharma Supplements™ products  WILL NOT show up on any drug test that screens for illegal  black market or androgenic steroids.

Pharma Supplements™ products DO NOT  contain any FDA banned or illegal ingredients.

The Pharma Supplements™ brand products DO NOT require a prescription within the United States.